Our Optimal Premium Reading Glasses are made from the highest grade materials for your perfect viewing.

Our collection of Reading sunglasses were designed to keep your vision clear while you’re indoor and outdoors.

Each pair of our readers includes anti-reflective and scratch-resistant lens coatings that bring the quality to the highest standards. Our readers give you the option to select from three different power scales: From +1.50 – +2.00 + 2.50.

If you already wear reading glasses, chances are you know how essential readers are in your everyday life and well-priced readers for that matter. Many people lose their readers or misplace them very frequently throughout life’s daily routine. Our brands/licenses give you many options while maintaining quality and a strong price: value ratio allowing you the luxury to own many styles for many locations, a pair in your car, one in your office and another in your carrying bag and never have to worry about losing an overpriced pair.

Think about all the different instances throughout the day you put a pair of reading glasses on — it’s quite frequent!  Our high quality, fashion forward designs from our brands, will keep you reading the small print!

Chose styles from Pacific Edge – Margaritaville – Landshark & Australian Gold which all have special characteristics to enhance your look and help your eye care.

There are important benefits to using our readers.

1. Reduced Eye Strain

Consistent eyestrain may damage your eyes and produce problems, such as cataracts and eye lesions. You should ensure that you take constant breaks from working on the computer and using your proper eye care at all times, our readers are here to help you.

Working to reduce eyestrain is important. Computer vision syndrome is a real hazard these days, with a large number of smart device present all around us you have to make sure to optimize your eyes with the right readers.

2. No More Dry Eyes

Dry eyes occur when we keep our eyes constantly in the same place, such as the computer screen. Staying away from your computer may not be a suitable option, especially if your profession demands it. However, using a suitable solution, such as wearing reading glasses will offer you better protection and the ability to work on the computer for extended time periods. 

3. Full Size Lenses

Our new Australian Gold line has state of the art finishes/coatings with full size lenses for easy viewing and trend forward designs.